Day 3

Not pictured - Had a meh rollercon experience (waited in line for two hours, from 7:30-9:30 to sign up for a class; managed to get signed up for the class I wanted so I rushed up to the room to grab my gear and change. Rushed back downstairs only to be turned away at the door because I forgot to put my Rollercon MVP sticker on my helmet).

Pics 1-4 - Got ready and wore my new Evil Beaver underoos. Wandered around vendor village and looked at all of the awesome things. I bought a new (lime green!) mouthguard, but haven’t taken the time to mold it yet.

Pic 5 - after watching a super entertaining challenge bout (Prancercize vs team twerk) I geared up and played a few jams on the open scrimmage track.

Not pictured - watched a few more challenge bouts from 5-6:30 before getting to the East vs West All Stars bout. It was AMAZING! Snot Rocket Science is my newest favorite derby idol. Holy cow, she was awesome.

Pics 6-10 - went down the strip to Paris to eat at the Sugar Factory. We sat outside and got to see several shows of the Bellagio Fountains. I got the lollipop passion goblet to drink. We got overcooked bacon as our app. I had the Signature burger (burger with cheddar, muenster, and a white chocolate flavored bun ~ basically like a Hawaiian sweet roll but 80000x better) and the boyfren had the chicken and bacon waffles with bourbon syrup.

Day 2, Part 3

Pics 1-2 - Rio! I also liked the layout of this hotel, mostly because of the mezzanine area and what you can see up there.

Pics 3-4 - Had dinner at the Royal India Bistro. We had the Aloo Tiki, Chicken Pasanda, Chicken Pakora, basmati rice, and chai milk tea.

Pics 5-9 - Penn & Teller!! Absolutely amazing and awesome! We had great seats and the show was just the best!!

Day 2, Part Bellagio Fountains

We managed to catch the very first fountain show before we headed back to the hotel to register for rollercon and grab a nap. There were two songs, the first was the national anthem, BUT my Boyfren did something that was beyond wonderful.

Oceans 11 is one of my most favorite movies of all time and I’ve told him how much I love the final scene in front of the fountains. As the fountain show started he fiddled with his phone and I thought he was taking pictures. Instead he was pulling up Clair de Lune (the song that plays during that scene) and put the phone to my ear so I was listening to that song while the fountains did their thing.

I started crying. It was just so perfect and amazing and the greatest thing he could ever do so my face just leaked for the rest if the show.

Day 2, Part 2

Pics 1-4 - lunch at Ri Ra! They started us off with some amazing bread. I ordered the Kilcooley Sandwich (turkey, cheddar, bacon, and granny smith apples on sourdough) with sweet potato crisps and a snakebite (Guinness + cider). Boyfren got shepherd’s pie and a Guinness. He couldn’t finish his drink, so I made an attempt as well, but the Guinness won in the end.

Pic 6 - a steampunk bar called Boiler Room (also at the Mandalay Bay shop area).

Pics 7-8 - Bellagio Conservatory, super beautiful. I really want to return at night to see what it looks like then.

Pics 9-10 - world’s biggest chocolate fountain & a dessert called Intense (very appropriate name, it was amazing)

Day 2, Part 1

Pic 1 - woke up with a bloody nose, used some saline spray to moisten it up so hopefully it won’t happen again.

Pic 2 - Went to the Luxor for the Bodies exhibit. I’ve wanted to see it for years and it was definitely worth the wait. I loved it!

Pics 3-5 - boyfren and I in front of the Luxor; so far my favorite hotel

Pics 6-7 - Pineapple Chipotle Margarita from Tacos & Tequila. I loved the decor inside of the restaurant.

Pic 8 - Lick! Bought a couple things, really cool store and they had some funny/naughty items based around the store name.

Pics 9-10 - Las Vegas Sock Market! Pomegranate socks!! You know I had to buy those!

Day 1, Part 3
Pics 1-4 - played slots for the first time, chose the Clue one! At one point I was about $15 up, but of course lost it all in a (non)blaze of glory.
Pics 5-6 - enjoying the sights on The Strip before David Copperfield
Pic 7 - Boyfren playing the David Copperfield slot since we were about to go see his show
Pic 8 - Freaking weird ass David Copperfield statue outside of the theater (btw, the show itself was good, but there were some strange bits throughout; everything involving the duck was my favorite) .
Pics 9-10 - our hotel all lit up; the view from our room at night.

And it is now almost 1:30am and I absolutely need to do the sleeping thing!

Day 1, Part 2
Pics 1-3 - Walked across the street to Circus Circus to look around. They have both Merlin and Zoltar machines.
Pic 4 - after buying bus passes we went down to the other end of the strip and took a selfie in front of NY NY
Pics 5-6 - awesome dragon they have at the MGM Grand for the Ka show
Pics 7-10 - amazing dinner at The Grand Wok and Sushi Bar. Everything I had was stuff I’d never tried. So good!

Day 1, Part 1

Right after the bout last night I went home to shower and immediately drove to Orlando. Despite getting there at 11pm, I don’t think I actually fell asleep until 2am. I woke up at 4 because I couldn’t sleep any longer.
First pic- airport selfies at 7am waiting to board the plane.
Pics 2-6 - I surprised the boyfren by renting a limo to pick us up from the airport. Did you know that drinking champagne on an empty stomach makes it go straight to your head?
Pics 7-9 - one of the reasons I rented the limo was so we could do a few things beforehand. We went to the Las Vegas sign and In & Out. We wolfed down our fast food and drank champagne while on the way to the hotel.
Pic 10 - Our view from the room. A lot of people say The Riviera is rundown and crappy, but I have no complaints. Our room rocks.

We have arrived!

We have arrived!