Day 8

Woke up 8am and packed all of our bags. Our flight wasn’t schedule to leave until 5:15, so we checked our bags with the bell desk and dorked around.

Pics 1-2 - We finally got spots on a blackjack table. It took a while to get used to how fast it all moved, but once I did, I had an awesome time!

Pic 3 - We went back over to Circus Circus to eat at the restaurant we saw the magic show in. It is owned by Vince Neil, a member of Motley Crue. Fun fact: Technically Motley Crue was my very first concert. I was a fetus at the time, but I’m counting it.

Pic 4 - Boyfren had the Cajun fish tacos and I ordered sheer caloric depravity.

Pic 5 - Yep, that’s a bacon cheeseburger with krispy kreme donuts as buns. I am ashamed by how much I enjoyed it.

Pic 6 - Boyfren gambling at the Houdini machine.

Pic 7 - Went to the airport, sailed through security, and then started the long wait by drinking smoothies and juice.

Pics 8-9 - Flight delayed by over an hour. Ugh.

Pic 10 - Finally home at 3am! Sadly our trip is over.

Favorite Slot Machines Part 3

Alien, Family Guy, Cheers, Happy Days, Ghostbusters, Flashdance, The Walking Dead, Titanic, Cops & Donuts, and Joker’s Heist.

Day 7, Part 3

Pic 1 - no drinks on the bus. Me being super inconspicuous and drinking out of my purse. Also, drunk for the first time this trip.

Pic 2 - We walked over to Circus Circus since I saw online that they had the Joker’s Heist machine and I wanted to play it again (they did not). Instead I decided to throw a $5 into the Beetlejuice machine and cashed out at 32.60!

Pic 3 - Put $5 into The Walking Dead machine, but was bored with it, so I cashed out only $1.80 up.

Pic 4 - Gave Boyfren my cash out ticket from The Walking Dead and he played the Godzilla machine and ended up hitting a good bonus resulting in a $10 cash out.

Pic 5 - After I blew half of the $10 winnings on a Ghostbusters machine, Boyfren used the remaining half to play a Back to the Future game. He hit a bonus and ended up a couple bucks.

Pics 6-10 - While we were wandering around Circus Circus we noticed that magician would be going on at 10:30, so we settled in at the bar and ordered drinks (Angry Orchard on draft!). The magician was hilarious with a few exceptions (some of his jokes were more offensive than funny).

Day 7, Part 2

Pics 1-4 - FINALLY made it out to the Purple Zebra! I’ve been trying to get to the Linq area all week, but we were never able to fit it in anywhere. I got the Tastes Like Heaven (Fireball + lemonade).

Pic 5 - Stopped at Squeeze, which was right across the “street” so Boyfren could get the Beet-en Up juice (beets, green apple, carrot, pineapple, tangerine, and ginger).

Pic 6 - Really cool angle of the High Roller observation wheel

Pics 7-10 - Sprinkles Cupcakes store! Complete with cupcake ATM outside. We got the salty caramel cupcake and they use really cool thin wooden plates and forks!

Day 7, Part 1

Pic 1 - Ended up sleeping in until after noon and then not even getting out of bed to shower until 2ish. My sinuses hate Vegas.

Pics 2-5 - my uterus was craving pizza hardcore, so I finally got ready and we went down to the Fashion Show Mall to Grimauldi’s.

Pic 6 - Another Teavana stop, because tea.

Pic 7 - actual fashion show at the Fashion show mall. Super le awkward. The runway actually rises up and down as needed. These people are trying waaaay too hard.

Pic 8 - Emergency flats for stupid assholes who make poor footwear choices.

Pics 9-10 - Dark clouds and stormy weather in Vegas.

Day 6, Part 5

Pic 1 - Finally got my picture with the Ghostbusters machine while wearing my Ghostbusters shirt.

Pics 2-3 - I was not the only person to wear a TARDIS dress at the Black N Blue Ball.

Pic 4 - We are adorable

Pics 5-6 - Decided to play the other Ghostbusters machine after wasting $10 in the Family Guy machine (I was going to play $20 in the FG machine, but the music was too annoying, so I cashed out at 10.50). I was down to my very last bet (with a five cent credit remaining) and I hit a bonus that allowed me to cash out at $25.85! Woo!

Pic 7 - The best way to spend a Saturday night in Vegas (alternate caption: we are old people).

Day 6, Part 4

Pic 1 - Saw some people getting married on a gondola. They were doing the actual ring and vow part. We then saw 3 or 4 other couples in their wedding attire show up for gondola rides. My favorite was the couple all dressed up that were buying their tickets and realizing there would be an hour or so wait (Yes, I am aware that I’m a horrible person).

Pics 2-3 - Boyfren and I at one of the canal bridges

Pics 4-6 - Boyfren bought us a private gondola ride. Even though we were going down a fake canal indoors and tourists were taking pictures of us, I still ended up getting all teary eyed. It was the slow meandering of the gondola, the singing of the gondolier (is that a word?), the beautifully lit area, and the fact that I was sharing the ride with just my boyfren that made it super romantic and me all misty-eyed.

Pics 7-8 - and before we left that hotel I had to stop and get some chocolate covered macarons, which I promptly shoved into my face.

Day 6, Part 2

Pics 1-2 - The Venetian!

Pics 3-4 - boyfren got the Classic Irish Stout at Sin City Brewing Company.

Pics 5-9 - Fun candy company in the grand canal shops

Day 6, Part 1

Pic 1 - Got into a class at 11am that was basically zumba on skates and it was AWESOME! I loved it and it was a great workout.

Pics 2-3 - during the class I won a t-shirt that has a Viking penis on a skateboard and is signed by Demanda Riot!

Pic 4 - Boyfren sitting in the window in our room

Pic 5 - In front of The Mirage

Pics 6-8 - The ship at Treasure Island. I am immature and forced the boyfren to be immature with me.

Pic 9 - finally found some good cider available at a bar. Got one of my fave drinks - cider + fireball

Pic 10 - Walked over to The Venetian and the first place when you enter was a bakery that had macarons, so I pretty much had to get one!

Day 5, Part 2

(Not pictured - before leaving the hotel, boyfren and I went to a seminar about herbs and how they can be beneficial to derby. I also dropped a bit of money in Sephora at the forum shops).

Pics 1-3 - Had dinner at Beijing Noodle No. 9. We shared a pot of Jasmine tea. I had the hand-stretched noodles with eggplant sauce. Boyfren had Lan Zhou Last Mein with Sliced Beef Soup with hand-stretched noodles. We got our stuff right away, but it took a million years to get the check.

Pics 4-5 - chocolate shop and a giant Wang

Pics 6-7 - A really cool store called Piq. Apparently there is one in Orlando, so there was no reason to buy things from the one here.

Pics 8-10 - Frozen hot chocolate and sweet potato fries at Serendipity 3. I’ve been extremely excited to try the frozen hot chocolate, so it was kind of a letdown