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Seriously considering buying one of these to send to the HIMYM writers.

Remember how Torchwood fans organized a thing where they mailed coffee to the writers after Ianto Jones died? We should do the same thing, but mail erasers to them.

this better be an elaborate early april fool’s joke and tomorrow we’ll get the actual HIMYM finale.

Because this was horrible. This ignored everything that had happened between Ted and Robin, between Robin and Barney, between Ted and Barney and, especially, between Ted Evelyn Mosby and Tracy McConnell, all because once upon a time, this is what Bays and Thomas wanted to do.

They had plenty of opportunity over the years to course correct. They could have at some point accepted that the Robin/Barney coupling made Future Ted/Future Robin not only moot, but annoying. They could have introduced the Mother sooner and just made her a part of the gang — and every single moment this season in which Milioti was allowed to interact with the regulars (either in Farhampton or in the flashforwards) suggested that they could have pulled it off, easily. Hell, even at this late hour, they could have recognized what they had in Milioti and accepted that that old bit of footage with Lyndsy Fonseca and David Henrie would remain unseen forever (or, at worst, be a special feature to lure people into buying the complete series box set), and that the fans would get over not seeing the kids react to the end of this endless story.

If “HIMYM” hadn’t been as great as it was in its early days, or as great as it could even be from time to time more recently, I wouldn’t care this much. I wouldn’t be as angry as I am. But there kept being moments in this final season, and throughout this final episode, that reminded me of what the show is capable of, and it only filled me with more despair that we were clearly heading towards the ending I feared was coming ever since “Vesuvius” aired. How, I wondered, could the same two men who wrote that great scene where Barney met his daughter for the first time be so tin-eared in this other area? How could the same writers who absolutely, 100% nailed the moment when Ted and Tracy finally meet on the train platform not realize that they had already undermined it by spending so much of the finale on the dissolution of Robin’s marriage and her leftover feelings for Ted? How could they not see the happy, satisfying ending that was staring them right in the face, and instead do… this?

I can imagine Bays and Thomas back in 2005 or 2006 trying to figure a way out of the narrative straightjacket they created for themselves in the pilot, and maybe even doing a High Infinity upon coming up with this solution. I can even imagine that moment being so euphoric that it blinded them to a lot of what was happening on the show over the remaining 7 or 8 years. Back then, maybe it was a great plan. Back then, when I was talking to them at the press tour party, if one of them had asked me to turn off the tape recorder and promised me off the record that Ted and Robin would somehow end up together, I’d have been feeling some euphoria of my own. But stories change. Characters change. Shows change. And plans have to change to accommodate that.

HIMYM, How They Conned Us All by Alan Sepinwall

This entire piece is worth reading. I have nothing to add.

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Remember when Ted made Robin give away her dogs like they were inanimate objects? True love right there

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OMG the worse part is though guys and can I be frank. This was the ending they filmed 7 years ago. The same way JK Rowling wrote the epilogue for HP first before anything else.

Do you know how much characters change and evolve between the beginning and the end?

This is like the TV version of the crapilogue from Harry Potter and almost EVERYBODY I know both in fandom and offline despises the Harry Potter epilogue with a passion.

Yep! Having this same conversation right now! I SHOULD NOT GET INVESTED IN THINGS! 

This. So much. It was even weirdly acted because you know that is not how it would have gone down at all given the past 9 seasons of change and growth the characters went through.


how the whole fandom feels about the how i met your mother finale


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I don’t watch the show on a regular basis so, from an outsiders perspective:

That finale was one of the worst I’ve ever seen. It systematically destroyed years of characterization and was not emotionally fulfilling in the slightest. It was poorly written and paced, and generally not worthy of the show’s legacy.

I’m disappointed that was all How I Met Your Mother had to offer.

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Reaction to S9 E19 - Vesuvius



This is Heather and me right now, I swear